Better to Laugh

imageOur little friend twisting in ways we thought impossible!

Well, well!

Hope you are all ok. We are jolly good to be fair.

Right! Got a riddle for you! A riddle which is a bit of a test. Test because I’ll put the answer to the riddle near to the bottom of this blog but I want you to test yourself and see if you can refrain from going to check the answer before you’ve read the entire blog!

Here goes!

A man fell off a 20ft ladder and landed on the sidewalk, but he did not get hurt. Why not?

Remember don’t check yet!

So as you know life comes with  its ups and downs, right? Right. No one has all ‘ups’ and similarly no one has all ‘downs’. So sorta fair. So it got us thinking. Why don’t we do something to change things round so more people can have more ‘ups’ and that in turn will help us to have more ‘ups’ ourselves.

As a result we’ve decided on a number of things;

  1. We love doing craft including knitting, crotcheting, sewing etc. So we have been giving unexpected gifts to unsuspecting people, not just friends, and we can see the joy from that little ‘up’.
  2. We have volunteered to home school a pre teen who is very ill periodically and cannot manage main stream school right now. She is such a joy to be around! This is a big ‘up’ not just for her but for us too and definitely for her mom.

As time goes on we will continue to share more stories with you and would encourage you as well to try to give others more opportunities to have ‘ups’. Let’s do our part to make our little part of the world a better place.

Now back to the riddle!

Guess what? The man was on the bottom rung of the ladder! Lol!

But you know what, this has made us think…………

Sometimes we have a little set back in life! Things happen! Let’s try to see it as just falling from the bottom rung of the ladder, not from great height. So not much hurt caused! Pick yourself up, brush off the dust and get back on that ladder.

Have a wonderful week! PEACE.






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