Twin Connections

Wanna know what it’s like being a twin? Well, read on!

I suppose you (at least some of you) know that we are twins? Right? Right. Well we do take turns to write the blog but since it’s half term break from school we have decided that we are going to write this one together. Where do we start?

Well we know quite a few twins both in and out of our family. One uncle has two sets of twins,boy/girl and also girl set. My youngest sister has a set of twins a boy and a girl,  Trey and Leah.

Well, we’ve been twins from as far back as we know, lol, so it’s hard to explain really. We don’t know what most of you feel like, being singles either. We are sorry for you! Accept our sympathies.

Being a twin is an awesome feeling. I assume that being identical is even more special. If we want to know what a dress would look like on either of us, the other one tries it on! Yes, we have our very own mannequin!

Growing up, we had each other to rely on for everything… jokes, friendship, stories, school work and homework etc! I don’t know what we would have done without each other! How did you manage!

I know what you’re thinking to ask! If we feel each others pain… Well, not physically. We do feel emotionally upset when the other is, even if we are not together! If one is having a bad day at work, we both know! And no, we don’t work at the same place (and what fun that would be!)

Can our children tell us apart? Sure they can! Sometimes not by the voices though.And yes our parents could tell the difference, and so can our partners. I know, that gets rid of your next question! Oh what trouble we could get up to, lol.

Sometimes we plan to go out together, and though we don’t plan it, we almost always turn up in the same outfits or something similar! How cool (or not) is that?

We’d love to have twins ( too late now I think) and to see what they’d be like and what they would get up to. The nearest thing we have to that is watching our son and daughter together! They’re like twins to us, and love spending time together.

Our dad always said that the best thing that ever happened to him was us… the day we were born. That’s a lovely feeling to have. I can imagine how much shopping my mom had to do when she realised she was having twins!

Well there’s a lot more to let you in to, but, let’s leave it for another time.


Twin nephew and neice Trey and Leah

If you have questions for us about being a twin, or about anything else for that matter, just jot it below. We will get back to you. Toodles!





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